Out of 42 armours available… 41 as I am not sure how to approach the zodiac armours as they are all quite skimpy they also cover the character’s skin with a texture of blue sparkly mist so the skimpiness is kinda discutable 40 as flametouched armours are but…

This right here is one of the major reasons why I mainly play charr.





Inspired by The Female Armor Bingo, I present to you my short guide to armor bust areas, to better help you decide what to wear :P

Any resemblance to particular armors, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Well… mostly.

So glad my bingo game caught on and inspired you! Amazing job!

This is so awesome, reminds me of Tica’s breakdown of the most typical MMORPG costumes on repair-her-armor. Always great to have more guides through stupid design tropes for future reference!

If you’re going to continue this into a series, please link all the following parts once they’re done (guessing the butt area would be next to go ;P)!